List of Workshops and Participants


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1 - Decision Making for Children and by Children

Paulo Albuquerque (INSEAD) - Workshop Co-Chair
Merrie Brucks (University of Arizona) - Workshop Co-Chair
Margaret Campbell (University of Colorado, Boulder) - Workshop Co-Chair
Kara Chan (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Paul Connell (Stony Brook University)
Mark Landau (University of Kansas)
Michal Maimaran (Northwestern University)
Anna McAlister (Endicott College)
Sophie Nicklaus (INRA)

2 - How Contexts Affect Choices

On Amir (University of California, San Diego) - Workshop Co-Chair
Robert Rooderkerk (Rotterdam School of Management) - Workshop Co-Chair
Raphael Thomadsen (Washington University, St. Louis) - Workshop Co-Chair
Neeraj Arora (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Bryan Bollinger (Duke University)
Pedro Gardete (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Karsten Hansen (University of California, San Diego)
Leslie John (Harvard University)
Sudhir Karunakaran (Yale School of Management)
Wendy Liu (University of California, San Diego)
Yulia Nevskaya (Washington University, St. Louis)
Aner Sela (University of Florida)
Vishal Singh (New York University)
Wendy Wood (University of Southern California)

3 - Advancing Non-Compensatory Choice Models

Anocha Aribarg (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan) - Workshop Co-Chair
Thomas Otter (Goethe University, Frankfurt) - Workshop Co-Chair
Daniel Zantedeschi (University of South Florida) - Workshop Co-Chair
Greg Allenby (Ohio State University)
Taylor Bentley (University of Texas, Austin)
David Curry (University of Cincinnati)
Marc Dotson (Ohio State University)
Ty Henderson (University of Texas at Austin)
Elisabeth Honka (University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson)
Kamel Jedidi (Columbia University)
Rajeev Kohli (Columbia University)
Stephan Seiler (Stanford University)
Xin Wang (University of Western Ontario)

4 - Customer Retention

Eva Ascarza (Columbia Business School) - Workshop Co-Chair
Scott Neslin (Dartmouth College) - Workshop Co-Chair
Oded Netzer (Columbia University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Zachery Anderson (Electronic Arts)
Peter Fader (University of Pennsylvania)
Sunil Gupta (Harvard University)
Bruce Hardie (London Business School)
Barak Libai (IDC, Israel)
Aurélie Lemmens (Tilburg University)
David Neal (Catalyst Behavioral Sciences LLC)
Foster Provost (New York University)
Rom Schrift (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

5 - Disclosure and Decision-Making: How Do Disclosures Affect Providers, Regulators and Consumers?

Simon Blanchard (Georgetown University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Sunita Sah (Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Robert Bloomfield (Cornell University)
Clayton Critcher (University of California, Berkeley)
Gita Johar (Columbia Business School)
Amna Kirmani (University of Maryland)
Michael Luca (Harvard Business School)
Thomas Lyon (University of Michigan)
Prashant Malaviya (Georgetown University)

6 - Predicting Choice: Using Neural Insights for Population-Level Forecasting

Colin Camerer (California Institute of Technology) - Workshop Co-Chair
Ming Hsu (University of California, Berkeley) - Workshop Co-Chair
Uma Karmarkar (Harvard Business School) - Workshop Co-Chair
Carolyn Yoon (University of Michigan) - Workshop Co-Chair
Dana Carney (University of California, Berkeley)
Nathaniel Daw (Princeton University)
Scott Huettel (Duke University)
Joseph Kable (University of Pennsylvania)
Israel Liberzon (University of Michigan)
Scott Page (University of Michigan)
Hilke Plassmann (INSEAD)
Ale Smidts (Erasmus University)
Vinod Venkatraman (Temple University)
Ryan Webb (University of Toronto)

7 - When to Choose: Choice and Well-being

Ziv Carmon (INSEAD) - Workshop Co-Chair
Klaus Wertenbroch (INSEAD) - Workshop Co-Chair
Joseph Alba (University of Florida)
Quentin André (INSEAD)
Susan Broniarczyk (University of Texas, Austin)
Alia Crum (Stanford University)
Douglas Frank (The Catholic University of America)
William Goldstein (University of Chicago)
Joel Huber (Duke University)
Nicole Mead (Erasmus University)
Alfred Mele (Florida State University)
Leaf Van Boven (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Bernd Weber (University of Bonn)
Haiyang Yang (Johns Hopkins University)
Yanmei Zheng (University of Florida)

8 - Incorporating Behavioral Insights into Structural Models of Consumers and Firms

Andrew Ching (University of Toronto) - Workshop Co-Chair
Matthew Osborne (University of Toronto) - Workshop Co-Chair
Mark Dean (Columbia University)
Hanming Fang (University of Pennsylvania)
Michael Grubb (Boston College)
Benjamin Handel (University of California, Berkeley)
Paul Heidhues (ESMT - European School of Management and Technology)
Susumu Imai (Economic Discipline Group, UTS)
Masakazu Ishihara (New York University - Stern)
Peter Landry (University of Toronto)
Xiao Liu (New York University)
John Rust (Georgetown University)
Matthew Shum (Caltech)
Mo Xiao (University of Arizona)

9 - Choices and their Consequences for Health Care Markets: An Integrated Perspective

Pradeep Chintagunta (University of Chicago) - Workshop Co-Chair
Ahmed Khwaja (Yale University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Punam Keller (Tuck School at Dartmouth)
Jian Ni (Johns Hopkins University)
Bradley Shapiro (University of Chicago)
Frank Sloan (Duke University)
S. Sriram (University of Michigan)
Amanda Starc (University of Pennsylvania)
Robert Town (University of Pennsylvania)

10 - Meta Decisions: Modeling Individuals’ Decision Strategy Activation

Vic Adamowicz (University of Alberta) - Workshop Co-Chair
Benedict Dellaert (Erasmus School of Economics) - Workshop Co-Chair
Joffre Swait (Institute for Choice / University of South Australia) - Workshop Co-Chair
Theo Arentze (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Elizabeth Bruch (University of Michigan - Department of Sociology)
Elisabetta Cherchi (DTU Transport)
Caspar Chorus (Delft University of Technology)
Bas Donkers (Erasmus University)
Fred Feinberg (University of Michigan)
Anthony Marley (Institute for Choice)
Linda Salisbury (Boston College)

11 - Extending BDT Research to the Real World: Implications and Directions

Ravi Dhar (Yale University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Nathan Novemsky (Yale University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Itamar Simonson (Stanford University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Ayelet Fishbach (University of Chicago)
Shane Frederick (Yale University)
Liz Friedman (Yale University)
Robyn LeBoeuf (Washington University, St. Louis)
Danny Oppenheimer (University of California, Los Angeles)
Daphna Oyserman (University of Southern California)
Rebecca Ratner (University of Maryland)
Yuval Rottenstreich (University of California, San Diego)
Franklin Shaddy (University of Chicago)
Joseph Simmons (University of Pennsylvania)

12 - Choice and Well-Being: Determinants and Interventions

Kristin Diehl (University of Southern California) - Workshop Co-Chair
Cassie Mogilner (University of California, Los Angeles) - Workshop Co-Chair
Michael Norton (Harvard Business School) - Workshop Co-Chair
Gal Zauberman (Yale University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Jennifer Aaker (Stanford University)
Sara Algoe (Univeristy of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)
Elizabeth Dunn (University of British Columbia)
Robert Frank (Cornell University)
Thomas Gilovich (Cornell University)
Christopher Hsee (University of Chicago)
Szu-Chi Huang (Stanford University)
Iris Mauss (University of California, Berkeley)
George Newman (Yale University)
Jordi Quoidbach (University Pompeu Fabra)

13 - Goals and Time

Jane Ebert (Brandeis University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Jordan Etkin (Duke University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Eugene Caruso (University of Chicago)
Sanford DeVoe (University of California, Los Angeles)
Kentaro Fujita (The Ohio State University)
Peter Gollwitzer (New York University)
Hoi Lam Helene Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Richard Larrick (Duke University)
Gabriele Oettingen (New York University)
Stephen Spiller (University of California, Los Angeles)

14 - Explaining Persistence in Individual Choice Behavior

Tulin Erdem (New York University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Ariel Pakes (Harvard University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Bart Bronnenberg (Tilburg University)
Michael Dickstein (New York University)
Robin Lee (Harvard University)
Konstantinos Meghir (Yale University)
Sanjog Misra (University of Chicago)
Elie Tamer (Harvard University)

15 - Improving Consumer Choices via Online Platform Design

David Godes (University of Maryland) - Workshop Co-Chair
Dina Mayzlin (University of Southern California - Marshall) - Workshop Co-Chair
Matthew Backus (Columbia University)
Leif Brandes (University of Warwick)
Odilon Camara (University of Southern California)
Yaniv Dover (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Tobias Klein (Tilburg University)
Liye Ma (University of Maryland)
Wendy Moe (Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park)
Peeter Verlegh (Vrije University Amsterdam)

16 - Economic Deprivation and Decision-Making: How Does Experience with Having Less Influence Choice?

Rebecca Hamilton (Georgetown University — McDonough School of Business) - Workshop Co-Chair
Deborah John (University of Minnesota) - Workshop Co-Chair
Sterling Bone (Utah State University)
Kelly Goldsmith (Northwestern University)
Vlad Griskevicius (University of Minnesota)
Ronald Hill (Villanova School of Business)
Chiraag Mittal (University of Minnesota)
Lan Nguyen Chaplin (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Thomas O'Guinn (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Paul Piff (University of California, Irvine)
Caroline Roux (Concordia University)
Anuj Shah (University of Chicago, Booth School of Business)
Debora Thompson (Georgetown University — McDonough School of Business)
Meng Zhu (Johns Hopkins University)

17 - The Influence of Expression Modalities on Preference Construction and Decision Making

Johannes Hattula (Imperial College London) - Workshop Co-Chair
Anne-Kathrin Klesse (Tilburg University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Jonathan Levav (Stanford University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Catherine Caldwell-Harris (Boston University)
Zachary Estes (Bocconi University)
Alex Genevsky (Stanford University)
Maureen (Mimi) Morrin (Temple University)
Joann Peck (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Stefano Puntoni (Erasmus University)
Anne ter Braak (KU Leuven)
Bram Van den Bergh (Erasmus)

18 - Using Behavioral Insights to Improve Financial Decision Making

Hal Hershfield (University Of California, Los Angeles) - Workshop Co-Chair
Nina Mazar (University of Toronto) - Workshop Co-Chair
Daniel Bartels (University of Chicago)
John Beshears (Harvard Business School)
Cynthia Cryder (Washington University in St. Louis)
Craig Fox (Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles)
Julian Jamison (GINI, The World Bank)
Eric Johnson (Columbia University)
Ye Li (University of California, Riverside)
Daniel Mochon (Tulane University)
Milica Mormann (University of Miami)
Priya Raghubir (New York University-Stern)
Scott Rick (University of Michigan)
Abigail Sussman (University of Chicago)

19 - Integrating Normative and Behavioral Approaches to Modeling Choice Dynamics

Tanjim Hossain (University of Toronto) - Workshop Co-Chair
Raghuram Iyengar (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) - Workshop Co-Chair
Robert Meyer (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) - Workshop Co-Chair
Yesim Orhun (University of Michigan) - Workshop Co-Chair
Ido Erev (Technion)
Arun Gopalakrishnan (Washington University of St. Louis)
Todd Gureckis (New York University)
Yoram Halevy (University of British Columbia)
Teck Hua Ho (National University of Singapore)
Wes Hutchinson (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
Collin Raymond (Amherst College)

20 - From Browsing to Buying and Beyond: Treading the Path to Purchase

Jeff Inman (University of Pittsburgh) - Workshop Co-Chair
Leonard Lee (National University of Singapore) - Workshop Co-Chair
Jennifer Argo (University of Alberta)
Tim Boettger (University of St. Gallen)
Utpal Dholakia (Rice University)
Timothy Gilbride (University of Notre Dame)
Sam Hui (University of Houston)
KoertVan Ittersum (University of Groningen)
Barbara Kahn (University of Pennsylvania)
Ajay Kalra (Rice University)
Cait Lamberton (University of Pittsburgh)
Donald Lehmann (Columbia University)
Leigh McAlister (University of Texas, Austin)
Venkatesh Shankar (Texas A&M University)
Claire Tsai (University of Toronto)

21 - 40 Years of Process Tracing Research:­ What Have We Learned?

Joseph Johnson (Miami University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck (University of Bern/Max Planck Institute for Human Development) - Workshop Co-Chair
Ulf Bockenholt (Northwestern)
J. Edward Russo (Cornell University)
Dan Goldstein (Microsoft Research)
Nicolette Sullivan (Duke University)
Martijn Willemsen (Eindhoven University of Technology)

22 - Mobile & Social: Marketing Big Data Analytics

P. K. Kannan (University of Maryland, College Park) - Workshop Co-Chair
Xueming Luo (Temple University-Fox School of Business) - Workshop Co-Chair
Andrew Stephen (University of Oxford) - Workshop Co-Chair
Peter Verhoef (University of Groningen) - Workshop Co-Chair
Vibhanshu Abhishek (Carnegie Mellon University)
Michelle Andrews (Emory University)
Yakov Bart (Northeastern University)
Hannes Datta (Tilburg University)
Nathan Fong (Temple University)
Donna Hoffman (George Washington University)
Mantian Hu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Tom Novak (George Washington University)
William Rand (University of Maryland)
Yuchi Zhang (Temple University)

23 - Embodied Cognition, Sensory Marketing, and Decision Making: What Have We Learned? Where Do We Go?

Aradhna Krishna (University of Michigan) - Workshop Co-Chair
Norbert Schwarz (University of Southern California) - Workshop Co-Chair
Spike W. S. Lee (University of Toronto) - Workshop Co-Chair
Daniel Casasanto (University of Chicago)
Gerald Clore (University of Virginia)
Ryan Elder (Brigham Young University)
Xiuping Li (National University of Singapore)
Michael Robinson (North Dakota State University)
Simone Schnall (University of Cambridge)
Piotr Winkielman (University of California, San Diego)
Chenbo Zhong (University of Toronto)

24 - Advertising and Choice

Anja Lambrecht (London Business School) - Workshop Co-Chair
Anita Rao (University of Chicago Booth School of Business) - Workshop Co-Chair
Kenneth Wilbur (University of California, San Diego) - Workshop Co-Chair
Anindya Ghose (New York University)
Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia Business School)
Garrett Johnson (Simon Business School, University of Rochester)
Jura Liaukonyte (Cornell University)
Carl Mela (Duke's Fuqua School of Business)
Chris Nosko (University of Chicago)
David Reiley (Pandora Media and University of California, Berkeley)
Hema Yoganarasimhan (University of Washington)
Georgios Zervas (Boston University)

25 - Everywhere and at All Times: Mobility, Consumer Decision Making, and Choice

Hongju Liu (University of Connecticut) - Workshop Co-Chair
Nicholas Lurie (University of Connecticut) - Workshop Co-Chair
Joseph Pancras (University of Connecticut) - Workshop Co-Chair
Jonah Berger (Wharton)
Zoey Chen (University of Miami)
Beibei Li (Carnegie Mellon University)
Charlotte Mason (University of Georgia)
David Muir (University of Delaware)
Grant Packard (Wilfrid Laurier University, Lazaridis)
Ann Schlosser (University of Washington)
Baohong Sun (Cheng Kong Graduate School Of Business)
Rajkumar Venkatesan (University of Virginia)

26 - Choosing Today for Enjoyment Tomorrow: Improving Hedonic Choices over Time

Tom Meyvis (New York University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Leif Nelson (University of California, Berkeley) - Workshop Co-Chair
Simona Botti (London Business School)
Jeff Galak (Carnegie Mellon University)
Ayelet Gneezy (University of California, San Diego)
Yoel Inbar (University of Toronto)
Uzma Khan (Stanford University)
Selin Malkoc (Washington University in St. Louis)
Zakary Tormala (Stanford University)
Joachim Vosgerau (Bocconi University)
Marcel Zeelenberg (Tilburg University)

27 - Rules for Relevance: An Agenda for Policy-Relevant Behavioral Research

Katherine Milkman (The University of Pennsylvania) - Workshop Co-Chair
Oleg Urminsky (University of Chicago, Booth School of Business) - Workshop Co-Chair
Hunt Allcott (New York University)
Christopher Bryan (University of Chicago, Booth School of Business)
Heather Caruso (University of Chicago Booth School of Business)
Gretchen Chapman (Rutgers University)
Indranil Goswami (University of Chicago)
Alex Imas (Carnegie Mellon University)
Minah Jung (New York University)
Ariel Kalil (University of Chicago)
Jennifer Kurkoski (Google)
Christina Roberto (University of Pennsylvania)
Heather Schofield (University of Pennsylvania)
Deborah Small (University of Pennsylvania)
Jack Soll (Duke University)

28 - Choice Modeling in the Marketing-Operations Management Interface: Relevance, State of the Art and Directions for Future Research

Andres Musalem (Universidad de Chile) - Workshop Co-Chair
Marcelo Olivares (Universidad de Chile) - Workshop Co-Chair
Victor Aguirregabiria (University of Toronto)
David Bell (Wharton)
Sharad Borle (Rice University)
Hai Che (Kelley School of Business, Indiana University in Bloomington)
Christopher Conlon (Columbia University)
Vivek Farias (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Karan Girotra (INSEAD)
Sachin Gupta (Cornell University)
Julie Holland Mortimer (Boston College)
Kanishka Misra (Michigan)
Gustavo Vulcano (New York University)
Fanyin Zheng (Columbia Business School)

29 - Research Issues in the Sharing Economy

Chakravarthi Narasimhan (Washington University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Purushottam Papatla (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) - Workshop Co-Chair
Baojun Jiang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Praveen Kopalle (Dartmouth College)
Paul Messinger (University of Alberta)
Sridhar Moorth (University of Toronto)
Davide Proserpio (Boston University)
Upender Subramanian (The University of Texas at Dallas )
Chunhua Wu (University of British Columbia)
Kaifu Zhang (Carnegie Mellon)
Ting Zhu (University of British Columbia)

30 - Bundle Choice

Vithala Rao (Cornell University) - Workshop Co-Chair
Gary Russell (University of Iowa) - Workshop Co-Chair
Hemant Bhargava (Univesity of California, Davis)
Alan Cooke (University of Florida)
Timothy Derdenger (Carnegie Mellon University)
Hwang Kim (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Nanda Kumar (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Irwin Levin (University of Iowa)
Yu Ma (University of Alberta)
Nitin Mehta (University of Toronto)
John Pracejus (University of Alberta)
R. Venkatesh (University of Pittburgh/Katz Graduate School of Business)

31 - Beyond Posted Prices: Customer-Driven Pricing Mechanisms

Martin Spann (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen) - Workshop Co-Chair
Robert Zeithammer (University of California, Los Angeles) - Workshop Co-Chair
Marco Bertini (Esade)
Ernan Haruv (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Sandy Jap (Emory University)
Oded Koenigsberg (London Business School)
Vincent Mak (University of Cambridge)
Peter Popkowski Leszczyc (University of Alberta)
Bernd Skiera (University of Frankfurt)
Manoj Thomas (Cornell University)